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i'm usually okay with customers who are high-maintenance and shitty tippers, but today I JUST WAS NOT HAVING IT.

i don't know why, either. but I'm crabby and I just want to relax and MY FEET HURT. I made 18% in tips today, but my tables RAN ME TO THE GROUND. They were SO high maintenance. It is almost impossible for me to get water to all of the tables. I know that seems crazy, but when we're packed, we are PACKED. and I'm just one very small person--I can't do a whole lot in one group of drink-running. Maybe six bottles of beer, two pint glasses (either water or draft beer) and then a mixed drink at once. That's all I can carry, guys. That's it. And when multiple tables want's just irritating. I totally understand it, but once one person orders water eVERYONE wants water.

Also there is nothing that drives me CRAZIER than when I ask everyone, "can I get another round for anyone?" and I get two drinks and everyone else is fine and then when I bring the new drinks, someone else wants a drink all of the sudden. And the cycle repeats because not everyone is on the same drink cycle now and it's SO ANNOYING.

Actually. There is something that drives me crazier: When people ORDER FROM THE BAR and then SIT AT MY TABLE. And then they don't close their tab out with the bar and continue to sit at my table, even when I've told them that this is my table and if they are sitting at it, I'm the waitress. Like. BITCH I'M NOT GETTING YOUR DRINKS FROM THE BAR IF YOU HAVE A TAB WITH THEM NOW PLEASE GTFO OF MY TABLE BEFORE I FUCKING LOSE MY SHIT. This happend FOUR TIMES today. FOUR. I only had six tables. FOR HOURS.

Like it was just overall not a great day. The girls I work with seemingly love the haircut, but the customers are just BLECH

Tomorrow has to be better, people-wise. Right?

I'm going to soak my feet and fix my nail polish. It's going to be a better day tomorrow. Right?

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