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I know that a lot of people are REALLY unhappy with the ending, with fall, and really? My only complaint is that Scott Patterson can't deal with the fact that he's balding and we had to deal with that awful hairpiece.

Was GG: AYITL fanservice? YES. That was literally the point of them doing the thing.

Emily's story was perfect -- from her maritial home, dark, intimidating, serious to the place in Nantucket, it's exactly the ending I wanted for her. Lorelai's was similar. She ended up falling into old patterns, after reflection upon it.

Rory isn't perfect. She's a person who is flawed, and recongizes that she's flawed. Her life with logan wouldn't have been the one she envisioned for herself at 22. But she LOVED him, which is why she kept up doing the shit she was doing.

I like this ending for her. I really, really do. Because you don't break patterns. Rory falls in love with guys she can't have. Or shouldn't be having -- it's what she's done since she was 16 and Jess showed up. It's weird and it's different and Rory isn't where she thought she would be in her life, and this wandering thing? I think thatgetting pregnant with Logan's baby when he's getting ready to marry someone else, whether she chooses to keep it or tell him or not,

is the exact thing to break her of this pattern.

And in retrospect, that scene with Christopher may have not been about her own childhood, but rather, the childhood of a child she may choose to keep -- which is something that I really think she will do. Rory's someone who looks for signs from the universe, and she's looking for something to stop her from destructive patterns. But I could be wrong, I often am.
That's about it. I have a lot of feelings but I can't articulate them right now.
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